Prof. W. W. Sawyer's work

Listed below is the work done by Prof. Sawyer. The list contains most of his Books, Articles, Mathematical Theories, Talks and the most popular - 'Notes from Saturday morning sessions'. Where available, we have given links to PDF files or external websites. Thanks to Ms. Anne & Mr. Pedro Leon for sharing their collection of articles.

An appeal: If you are in possession of any of Mr. Sawyer's work that is listed here but not linked, and would like to share it with other readers, please contact us.

Puzzles / Games

Idea to win the game of Dots and Squares

PDF (206 KB)

Word Changing

PDF (157 KB)

13th Avenue puzzle

PDF (21 KB)



Prof. Sawyer's books have been translated into French, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.


Notes from Saturday morning sessions